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“By pooling our talents and resources – by pulling together in the same direction – we can scale the walls that would slow or stop us and accomplish great things!” – Tony Kovach

Letters, reports, emails, articles and awards are like a snapshot. They freeze a moment in time. They chronicle achievements no honest person can later deny. If you want enhanced results, consider what you’ll see here: 25 years of record breaking performance!

You have already accomplished a lot, but you still have hopes, goals and dreams for your organization. Sometimes, most or all the elements for success are already present! Only minor adjustments may be needed to achieve the breakthrough you seek! Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh perspective, a new set of eyes looking at your situation. The wise patient honestly tells their doctor where the pain is coming from. Through observations, testing and analysis the wise doctor provides the guidance needed to return to optimal health.

Samples of Published Industry Articles Links (please allow for file download time):

Manufactured Home Merchandiser Saving the Patient – Nov 07

MHM Magazine Those Vexing Vacancies! – July 06

Sample Letters of Reference Links:

Quest Development Management/Marketing Consulting – 2007

Marketing Report RE Tony’s Area 4 Management – ADG

Marketing Ingenuity BJ Krol – 2006

Joe Diedrich ADG Area 4 MHC Transformation – 2008

Greg McClanahan Rocky Mountain Housing – LOR

Sample Public Presentations/Speaking Reference Links:

Mobile Wealth – 2007

Urban Business Initiative – 2003

Sample Awards and Recognitions, Plus Career Highlights on the Awards page.

Sample Link to Photos of Awards and Recognitions in the last 10 years

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