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First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation has been developing our presence in the manufactured home market, growing steadily for 4 years into a good stream of business. Since we began working with Tony Kovach and his team at the first of the year, our manufactured home business has doubled. Besides benefits from advertising, Tony also made numerous introductions of our team to manufactured home professionals that resulted in an ever faster pace of growth. Our growth means the industry's sales have grown too; this has been a win-win for our clients and all involved.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Andrew Peters, CEO

CEO at First Guarantee Mortgage Corporation

“Tony and his company are leading the way for manufactured housing to enter the 21st century. He and his staff have put together remarkable educational programs and marketing that are ahead of the time and benefit the industry greatly” - January 18, 2012

Bob was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Bob Thieman, CAE

 Executive Director, Illinois Manufactured Housing Association

“Tony Kovach is one of the most amazing men I have known – creative, witty, shrewd, intelligent, analytical, passionately dedicated to the manufactured housing industry and to the teamwork necessary to achieve results. A man driven by a vision who never stops, who lets nothing stop him because he thinks outside the box and has a handful of alternate options ready to apply. A committed ally who believes in win-win-win, who criticizes without faulting or blaming, builds confidence and trust, and generously praises work well done. Tony is an excellent teacher, guide and coach, who makes the impossible seem possible and realizable. Thanks, Tony, for a thrilling ride on the (aka bus!” - June 19, 2011

Reported to L. A. 'Tony' at

Catherine Frenzel

Associate Editor,

“Tony was utilized as the primary means to promote the 2011 Louisville Manufactured Home Show. As a member of the Show Committee and parent body presenting the Show, I can say we received tremendous value for the monies spent with Tony's firm. He was enthusiastic and very creative with the promotional aspects and follow up after the Show. I would recommend consideration of his services to MH professionals.” - February 3, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

Hired L. A. 'Tony' as a Writer/Editor in 2011.

Tim Williams

Executive Director, Ohio Manufactured Homes Association

“I've worked with L.A.'Tony' Kovach on several projects over the last few years. These collaborations have always proven successful as Tony has the talent and discipline to see them through from conception to deployment. 

When Tony approached me about his concept for, my immediate acceptance was based on my past experience working with home. 

When it comes to marketing, Tony has few equals and that is especially true within the Manufactured Housing market. 

Save yourself a lot of time and trouble and simply turn to Tony for all of your factory-built homes marketing needs.” - October 11, 2010

Worked directly with L. A. 'Tony' at

Bob Stovall

Owner, Orange Cat Productions

“Tony's insight, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm for the Factory-Built Housing industry are second to none! He is a valuable person to know personally and professionally.” - September 21, 2010

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Derrick Hachey

Team Member, Manufactured Home Source

“Tony really is pulling the MH industry together with thoughtful comments; suggestions; ideas on key topics that need addressing at the local, state, regional and national level. I applaud the work that you are the network grows, & grows & grows. You are an inspiration, with timely ideas and follow-through. Keep up the great work!” - September 21, 2010

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Mary McBrady

Executive Director, MMHA Mass Manufactured Housing Assn.

“Tony "gets it" when it comes to manufactured housing.He has worked or been involved in almost all phases of the business. Best of luck to Tony in creating more awareness and understanding in this often misunderstood industry.” - September 6, 2010

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Allen Cole

Senior VP, oxford Bank and Trust

“Tony was a very insightful individual with his task in front of him. With mobile home communities he understood the importance of understanding management relationships with home owners and involvement with the local community on several levels for the benefit of the mobile home community. Added to that he understood the importance of "curb appeal", making his mobile home community look well taken care of. He also understood the value of getting the owners to participate in social activities to bring the community closer together. His success was noticeable by outside leaders who deemed his community a good place to live.” - September 6, 2010

Reported to L. A. 'Tony' at Asset Development Group/Home Source One

Jerry Clark

Sales, Retired Sales

“Tony is very experience,bright and knowlegable professional in Manfactured Housing Industry. I highly recomend him as a part of every succesful team.” - September 1, 2010

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

John Rogosich

Managing Partner, Real Estate, Choice Group

“Tony, let me start by saying how happy my family and the team at Pleasant Valley Properties are about the good news regarding Tamas. I also wish to congratulate you on the success you have had with I wish you luck as you continue to expand on that endeavor. Your knowledge of and passion for the manufactured home industry is sure to serve you well as you pursue that and other opportunities in the consulting field. The work that you did, and contributions that you made, while you were employed by PVP from 2007-2008 will not soon be forgotten. Those of us at PVP wish you and your family nothing but the best as you embark on this new chapter in your lives.
Sincerely, John Scharlau” September 1, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, Creative

Hired L. A. 'Tony' as a employee in 2007

John Scharlau

Owner, Pleasant Valley Properties of WI, LLC

“Follow and Read Tony's insights. His research will keep you informed and you will keep CURRENT with this ever changing industry. :)” - August 31, 2010

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Steve Reyenga

 VP of Sales, Palm Harbor Homes

“Tony has a true passion for what he does. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious. He's intelligent, creative, funny and honest. I can not think of anyone that I enjoy speaking with more than Tony. It's always an enjoyable, thought-provoking, and uplifting experience.” - August 30, 2010

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Jeff Templeton

National Sales Director, RLD Publications

“Tony, when our friend Tim Connor introduced me to you, he did so describing you and your team in favorable terms. After having worked with you and your fine team for some months now, I can now see why Tim was so positive. has earned the reputation as being the largest, top quality and most widely read news and views site online for manufactured housing and modular homes professionals. When you provide great resources, articles from top trainers and experts, good people will naturally gravitate to it. Kudos to you and your team for providing this valuable resource to the factory built housing industry.” - August 30, 2010

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Mike Hourigan, CSP

President, Hourigan & Associates, Inc.

“Working in the capacity of a reporter at, I have found Tony to be an engaging writer, a patient teacher and perhaps most importantly an inspiring manager. Dedicated to a quality product, Kovach continually reaches beyond the work at hand and seeks to create positive change in the industry and its practices.” - August 30, 2010

Reported to L. A. 'Tony' at

Eric Miller

 Industry Reporter,

“Tony is very committed to and passionate about his work.” - August 30, 2010

Was a consultant or contractor to L. A. 'Tony' at

Amy Bliss

 Deputy Director, WI Housing Alliance

“I have worked with Tony for several years with him in his position as Contract Marketing Manager. During this period, I was able to significantly expand my business with Capital First Reality. I accomplished more sales volume as well as expanding my presence in multiple new locations with help from Tony. I was impressed by his work and his understanding of marketing techniques and I highly recommend him.” - August 30, 2010

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Tom Zagorski

Agency Owner, Allstate Insurance

“Tony is one of the best go-to guys in our industry that I have had the pleasure of working with. He is consistently upbeat and and appears to have an endless source of energy. His efforts have helped to improve our industry.” - August 29, 2010

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Doug Gorman

President, Home-Mart, Inc.

“I've worked with Tony on articles for MHMSM and have found his insight and editorial advice very credible. He has also done a great job assembling a team of both staff and contributing writers for the MHMSM website. Tony is very connected in the industry and this is evident in the diverse amount of material available at MHMSM . His leadership and passion for the manufactured housing industry remains an inspiration during very difficult economic times.” - August 28, 2010

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Shawn Mullins

HERS Rater, Energy Auditor and Owner, Earthwise Engineering LLC

“Tony is a very talented marketing guru! Hardworking, dedicated and. Can get the "free" publicity that's better than paid promotion/advertising. Honest, high integrity and gets results” - August 28, 2010

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Ken Geljack

President, Hi-Tech Housing, Inc.

“Anyone familiar with the workings of Capital First and who knows Tony knows he doesn't have the easiest of positions. As hard as the position has proven to be, Tony is always composed and ready to forge ahead. He is a trail-blazer who stops at nothing to get the job done. He is creative, forward thinking, resourceful and works round-the-clock!” - August 25, 2010

Worked with L. A. 'Tony' at Capital First Realty Inc. Chicago, IL

Moira Sullivan

 Executive Assistant to CEO/President, Capital First Realty

“Tony is a joy to work with and for. As chief editor of the news and podcast crew at, not only does Tony deliver professional, well researched, and timely communications and updates that keep our fast and furious process flowing, he can also be relied on to rally the crew with inspiring and positive feedback and thanks. Tony is an amazing ambassador for the manufactured housing industry and the industry focused resources that offer. He is always seeking out the professionals who use the site to gather their feedback, and is dedicated to constantly improving the work the e-zine produces to make sure it meets the highest standards in the industry and the highest expectations of its clients. Whether you are looking for support with sales and marketing, management, public relations or a forum within which to network with your fellow manufactured housing industry professionals, Tony and the great work he does at are your one-stop resource for it all.” - August 16, 2010

Worked directly with L. A. 'Tony' at

Erin Patla

Professional Voice Talent, Blu Gum Group, LLC

“I highly recommend Tony Kovach, Editor of MHMSM Magazine. His magazine is informative and addresses important and current issues relating to the Manufactured Home Industry. Tony is a great resource and he is wonderful to work with.” - May 20, 2010

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Susan Frost

President, Alliance Mortgage and Marketing

“Tony shows his passion and dedication through about the manufactured housing industry through his work with His excitement about his work is evident and I've enjoyed contributing to his newsletter/web site.” - January 28, 2010

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Rachael Biermann

Project Coordinator, All Seasons Communications

“Tony Kovac is detailed in all categories,and delivers the highest level of integrity through his Labor of Love attitude.His experience in Sales, Marketing.and Training are packaged for results. All Sales and marketing training are the from his own day to day test marketing in the field,dealing with the Business owner,the Sales reps,and the Consumer. His new venture lends his vast knowledge as Chief and Editor of the newly acclaimed internet magazine .There is no room for 2nd best when working with Mr Tony Kovac” - January 20, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

Hired L. A. 'Tony' as a IT Consultant in 2009, and hired L. A. 'Tony' more than once.

Mike DuPure

“I have had occasion to work with Tony Kovach a few different times- mostly trying to sell him something, but additionally reading what Tony has had to say as a positive spokesperson for manufactured housing. I have always found Tony to be full on energy, and anxious to work hard improving the image of the MH industry. Best of all, I have always found Tony to be of the highest character- which in my view is most important of all. I look forward to knowing Tony for many years to come. - December 9, 2009

Worked with L. A. 'Tony' at Asset Development Group/Home Source One

Scott Jones

 Territoty Sales and Sales Management, Champion Home Builders

“Tony Kovach wrote freelance articles for me when I was with Manufactured Home Merchandiser and he always met deadlines and knew our audience. He is an excellent writer and his articles required very little work. He has a writing style that made you comfortable and at ease; like you could trust him and you can.” - December 2, 2009

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Chris Olvera

Editor, RLD Publishing

“Tony Kovachs is a select few in the Housing Industry that reaches for the stars in everything he does. Tony connects the sales people to the consumer with excitement,interest,dynamics,while at all times including his colleages.To love ones work ,and wear it on your sleeve,for all to see is an approach that only few can do. While working with Tony I personally have progressed in Telemarketing, Direct Market Strategies, Customer Service, One on One Consumer Sales, and Finance Direction. Tony Kovach Walks the fine line of Customers and Colleages never swaying on his Tightrope. Always taking Goals and Aspirations to a higher level.

Michael K Dupure

Sales manager Choice Properties” - November 24, 2009

Reported to L. A. 'Tony' at Capital First Realty Inc Chicago IL

Ken DuPure

Sales manager/Sales operations, Choice properties

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tony Kovach for the past year. Tony is a hard worker who finds a way to get things done. He has a plethora of manufactured housing knowledge. Tony publishes a newsletter which is well - received by the manufactured housing industry. Tony excels at marketing manufactured homes and promoting the cause of the manufactured housing industry in general. Oftentimes when Tony is seemingly overwhelmed with work and deadlines, he finds a way to accomplish things, and he tempers his endeavors with a terrific sense of subtle humor. This is probably one of the main reasons Tony is so successful. When Tony advertises in SunTimes Media Group publications, he does not use an advertising agency, but he creates his own ads, which are original and attention - grabbing. They get great results and they get people into the models. Tony Kovach is a one man marketing force to be reckoned with! I heartily recommend Tony Kovach, an expert in manufactured housing marketing!” - November 23, 2009

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Jack Walsh

Advertising Account Executive, Suntimes Media Group

“Tony has been a pleasure to work with. He has a sharp attention to detail. His advertising has helped the company receive countless prospects. Keep up the good work!” - November 18, 2009

Worked directly with L. A. 'Tony' at Capital First Realty Inc Chicago IL

Heather Vila

Administrative Assistant, Sunset Village

“Wow, a blank space to try to arrange just the right words in just the right order to express my admiration for Tony Kovach. An insuperable task for any man! 

May I start by making a brief comment about your vision with Congratulations and Thank you! This is a vision that can attract new interest in our industry! I will send you a personal note, but wanted to publicly show support for your concept, and wish you all the best from my vantage point at Innovative Homes in Durango, Colorado. 

I posted a positive comment on your last article online as well, and am forwarding all your articles to some colleagues in the industry whom I am sure will enjoy and benefit from your vision as well. 

Now, for anyone who may read my reccomendation that does not know Tony, I hope you are afforded that priveledge at some point in your career. When you do, you will find an indivdual who attacks his life and work with more passion and commitment than anyone I've ever met. If there is a problem, he doesn't find a band aide, he finds a cure. 

It is said that "The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be aprreciated." Tony is the most gracious individual I know. I want to be better when I'm around him simply because he appreciates even the smallest things I might do. He has a way of making everyone around him feel like royalty. A true tallent and inspiration. 

One of the greatest compliments I believe I can make is embodied in a quote by Zig Ziglar. Tony lives by this credo: "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." Tony never looses site of the purpose of our lives - which he believes is to make everyone's life better and to give birth to the best which is within himself. 

Congratulations again on getting off the ground and for all the good you do!!!” - November 13, 2009

Was with another company when working with L. A. 'Tony' at

Greg McClanahan

President, Around the Campfire

“It has been a pleasure working with Tony. He is very knowledgeable on the importance of making the best marketing and advertising decisions to help run his business. He has a thorough understanding of the importance of tracking and monitoring the sales performance of his team and how it effects the operations of the business.” - November 11, 2009

Was a consultant or contractor to L. A. 'Tony' at Capital First Realty Inc Chicago IL

Colleen Benecke

Senior Vice President, Advisory Services at CallSource

“When Tony asked me to contribute to a new publication he was starting, I knew it would be a great opportunity, because Tony is a class act ! I am hardly surprised that just 30 days after its launch this is on-line publication has already become the MH Industry's largest trade journal ! 

If industry professionals are looking for top MH industry and housing news, this publication is your one-stop source. 

What more needs be said ? Tony and his team are industry leaders and important contributors to the MH industry !” - November 10, 2009

Worked with L. A. 'Tony' at

James J. Talerico, Jr.

Owner, Greater Prairie Business Consulting

“Tony turned a mobile home park into a subdivision. He changed perceptions, realities, and actualities by instituting revolutionary changes in appearances, resources and services provided to both prospective buyers and exiting customers. Tony changed the image by changing the reality of the mobile home park experience. Sales soared while vacancies dwindled to next to nothing. I give him my highest recommendation.” - November 10, 2009

Was a consultant or contractor to L. A. 'Tony' at Asset Development Group/Home Source One

Joe Diedrich

Advertising Sales, Journal Community Publishing Group

“Tony really throws himself into what ever he is working on. He digs deep and looks at things with a innovative perspective. That is how he won an award for a history paper he wrote and wound up on the Dean's list. He brought his passion to business as well, which has translated into many successes for himself and the companies he has worked for.” - November 10, 2009

Studied with L. A. 'Tony' at University of Oklahoma

Tom Kovach

Student, University of Oklahoma

“When MHMerchandiser magazine ceased publication, important voices in our industry were stilled. Tony has taken on the job of providing a forum in which those voices can be heard again. 

Tony is an enthusiastic and tireless worker for the Manufactured Housing industry. He has put all of that energy into this project. Recent changes in the housing segment of our economy should mean brighter days ahead for manufacturers, dealers, suppliers and community owners. under Tony's guidance will be a long-term asset to the re-birth of Manufactured Housing as America's affordable housing choice. 

Visit and catch a glimpse of the future.” - November 9, 2009

Was a consultant or contractor to L. A. 'Tony' at

Bob Stovall

Owner, Orange Cat Productions LLC

“I have had the opportunity to work with literally hundreds of small businesses throughout both the US and Canada. During my career as a consultant, I have, thusly, had the opportunity to work with tens of thousands of professionals. Reflecting on a past meeting, without hesitation, I can say that, in my entire career, I have never met an individual quite like Tony "the Tiger" Kovach. 

I believe the reason I have stayed in touch with him over the years -- and the reason I consider him a dear friend -- is because of the respect I have for him as a person: his energy level, commitment to excellence, selflessness in helping others, integrity, and unmatched interpersonal skills are really quite admirable. Besides these rare personal traits, his work ethic, coupled with his sales training & abilities rank him, in my mind, among the best in the business. 

As evident by the many referrals I have sent him in the past, I also consider him an industry expert and maverick in the manufactured home (MH) industry. I find his MH publications quite visionary, the unique sales and marketing tools he has developed for the industry revolutionary, and his ability to move product equally impressive. 

Take a project he completed in Texas. According to the records I reviewed, the company was averaging less than three home sales/site leases a month over the last 4 years. With the help of Tony's expertise, during the week between Christmas and New Years, they blew out their remaining inventory in roughly 10 days. Tony helped conservatively increase sales by over 500%: that’s over 400% better than the typical MH retailer in the U.S.! 

If Tony would like to consider this recommendation a message of thanks for his assistance and friendship over the years he would be correct. If he’d like to consider this recommendation an expression of praise for his many past accomplishments, that’s OK too; however, if he simply wants to consider this correspondence an occasion to wish him the best in the future, he’d be right three times in a row – isn’t that just like Tony !” - October 20, 2009

Worked directly with L. A. 'Tony' at BTNA Consulting

James J. Talerico, Jr.

Director of Business Development, Houston-Based Operational Consulting Firm.

“I've worked with Tony on several projects and have found him to be a focused and enthusiastic partner on all of them. The energy Tony brings to the table ignites the creative juices of the other members of his team. 

Marketing is in Tony's blood and his dedication to his industry is inspiring. I can't think of anyone I would recommend more highly in the marketing end of the manufactured housing industry.” - October 9, 2009

Was a consultant or contractor to L. A. 'Tony' at Capital First Realty Inc Chicago, IL

Bob Stovall

Owner, Orange Cat Productions LLC


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