Getting Positive Mainstream Media Coverage on Manufactured Homes

Media has a reputation for focusing only on bad news, partially because of the ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ in the public.  We’ve all seen traffic tie ups due to “rubber necking” at an accident site.  How can we blame  the media for doing what people often respond to routinely?

That said, the media, journalists and editors also LIKE ‘good news’ stories.  But they aren’t going to do an advertisement for a business.  It has to be a truly news worthy subject.  Please see two recent examples, some of many we’ve been a part of over the years.

This was written and published by a third party media outlet, we didn’t write these, so there are some minor corrections that could have been made.  That said, it’s been called one of the best mainstream articles on MH in years! Click the image linked above, or one of the two below to see both stories shown above. Screen capture from Google Alerts, News category.

Tired of Renting?  Get the Scoop on Manufactured Homes

Below is a pick up from another publisher in a different state and part of the nation, of the top-linked story…

Image credit: Upper Peninsula Second Wave media.

Working with a journalist is part art, part science.  They are often natural skeptics, but they often want to be fair. There are many possible paths.  Getting good news into the press in the first place.  Another we’ve seen – played a roll in – is taking even a “bad news” story, turning around and watching it become a good news for MH story.

Questions?  Please call or email. We know MH and have worked with the media repeatedly. ##

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