Its 83 Degrees! What Others Say about L. A. ‘Tony’ K and Team Kovach

If you visit, or look at our LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements, you’ll know that there are not dozens, but hundreds of compliments and kudos for our work.  For our 5th anniversary issue, we appreciated the kind words spoken by some of the biggest names in the MH Industry.

Tony has won awards and recognition for decades, by getting good results.  He has been part of sales expansion and location rescue or ‘turn around’ efforts.’

What makes the article you can jump to from the linked image below nice is that it includes insights into his family, who are very much a part of the successful services from Team Kovach of Lifestyle Factory Homes, LLC.

We had no clue as to what would be in this article, until we read it. Check it out…by 83 Degrees Media, they do stories with the reputation that They’re so Cool, They’re Hot!” Image credit, Google Alerts News.

As a parent, lets point out that our son is a helpful hand for us at trade shows and events, and helps on projects at the office too.  For those who’ve watched our son joyful work, you’ll know he’s special and ‘growing up’ in the manufactured home industry world!

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