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The National Association of Realtors.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Scores of Industry Professionals.

Walden University doctoral dissertation.

Mainstream media.

These are just some of the third parties that have cited L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach and the publications his firm produces in positive terms.  He is perhaps the top independent expert in his areas of manufactured housing.

Highly praised public speaker.

Experienced in many aspects of manufactured homes.

Over 15 years of written and video praise from those who have worked with Tony on various manufactured home connected projects. Retail. Communities. Production. Finance. More…

One of the largest networks of contacts in the HUD Code manufactured home industry.

No one knows it all.  But Tony’s breadth of experience allows him to see what others miss.  His practical and pragmatic approach has routinely yielded high ROI results for those who follow his methodology.

Tony and his wife Soheyla Kovach are the managing members of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, which is the parent company to MHProNews, MHLivingNews and various business development other professional, and investment interests.





 Tony “gets it ” when it comes to manufactured housing. He has worked or been involved in almost all phases of the business. Best of luck to Tony in creating more awareness and understanding in this often misunderstood industry.

First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation have been developing our presence in the manufactured home market, growing steadily for 4 years into a good stream of business. Since we began working with Tony Kovach and his MHProNews.com team at the first of the year, our manufactured home business has doubled. Besides benefits from advertising, Tony also made numerous introductions of our team to manufactured home professionals that resulted in an ever faster pace of growth. Our growth means the industry’s sales have grown too; this has been a win-win for our clients and all involved.”

“Tony, Soheyla and their team are always my first call for getting the word out about Legacy Housing’s manufactured home shows.  They are excellent at promoting to our targeted industry audience and it shows every time in our post-show attendee analysis. Thanks team MHProNews.com! You Rock!”

“Introducing Tony and what he has done for our firm with his marketing could be summed up with a single word: “Impressive!”…Tony’s efforts resulted in a documented increase from some 2 new inbound calls a day before he started to over 10,000 new inbound lead calls in a single year at that same location. No others…in our market had such a result…Tony accomplished this with the marketing budgets he inherited.”

Tony was utilized as the primary means to promote the 2011 Louisville Manufactured Home Show. As a member of the Show Committee and parent body presenting the Show, I can say we received tremendous value for the monies spent with Tony’s firm. He was enthusiastic and very creative with the promotional aspects and follow up after the Show. I would recommend consideration of his services to MH professionals.

Tony and his company are leading the way for manufacturedhousing to enter the 21st century. He and his staff have put together remarkable educational programs and marketing that are ahead of the time and benefit the industry greatly

Before we accept a dime from a client, or take a new client on, we first have a conversation. We reserve the right to decline clients, and politely turn down possible client work every year.  Why?  

In part because we know from experience that some clients – if they aren’t truly committed to making necessary adjustments that a SWOT analysis will uncover – aren’t always prepared to make a change. Without a willingness to change, there are no improved results.  That’s stating the obvious.

We’d rather say no to a client than take one on that we can’t help them earn far more than the investment in our years of proven services.

Let’s tell you something that ought to be obvious.  Telling the truth properly works.  We don’t think that you have to spin or exaggerate in order to attract and sell more customers.  Be candid about your weaknesses as well as your strengths.  We’ll show you how to make your strengths stronger, and how your customers will gladly accept your weaknesses, because there are no perfect people, companies. products. or services.

We believe that if you target better qualified customers, you will still get those more marginal buyers too.

From before 2000 and since, a consistent pattern of success in projects from border to border should tell you this.  You can make us your first call or your last call.  But if you are serious about business development services and/or consulting, you can’t go wrong by having a 15 minute preliminary call with Tony.  Email tony@MHMSM.com or call 832-689-1729.



An advantage we offer that no one else in MHVille can touch is that we have the top two trade media platforms of their kind. We can often bundle services that makes us very cost competitive.
That said, some clients want some or all services to be stealth, or essentially unpublicized. We do those types of projects too.
Let’s Ad: Message to Marketing & Sales Managers – We’re here to make you more successful. We’re a compliment, not a competitor, to your internal team.


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Our services are competitive to others, but that doesn’t mean we are the cheapest.  We aren’t. You will get what you pay for, if we accept you as a client..

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